Joel Mejia | Inteactive Creative Directore

Joel Mejia

As a digital artist, I always demand of my self fresh and unique perspective to every projects. The work is always well unified. Striving with creativity, innovation and capabilities of the full digital range. I specialize in advertising, digital/online campaigns, advanced branding, digital production and broadcast.

For me, Interactive Visual Arts has a unique perspective. Is being part of our great exceptional creative process.

Making projects with a positive and coherent harmony, this is a basic foundation of each project. the general approach is great attention to detail and innovative strategies for achieving constant success to the client. Creating a unique digital experience that inspires. The ideology is to keep it simple; the best brands are based on a simple concept. "Let your business speak for itself", visually.

Digital Resume



To inprove a wide range of strategies, enhancing the digital experience with a unique message. In creasing the level of quality carefuly analyzed in order to secure it success. Therefore, is with a selective array of every strategy I write begins with a deep understanding of your business and your overall marketing context.


Under a clutter campus of advertizing today, standing out is a matter of significant cohereance between brand and strategy tehrefore we higlight the details that enhances the brand and conveing to straight messages. But that's not just the case. By employing a wide range of primary and secondary research techniques to get to the bottom of things.


These make the form and shape, with a conscious decision is crucial for our belief in creating culturally-relevant connections that inspire people towards the message. Making an audience relate to see themselves in every execution.